How to Setup your own SSH, STUNNEL, OVPN, and PPTP Server – Free Internet 2019!

Free VPN for all Filipino

How to Setup your own SSH, STUNNEL, OVPN, and PPTP Server – Free Internet 2019!

January 26, 2019 OVPN Server Setup sshovpnPH 0

Im using Debian 8 x64 OS for this setup.

First you need a credit card to buy VPS?

For Filipino – If you don’t have, you need Paymaya or the easy way to get virtual credit card online without any bank account.

I recommend Vultr to get faster VPS, $3.50/month

Click link to register:

Deploy Server:

Deploy New server
Select Server Location
Select Server Type OS
Server Size
Enter your Hostname and Select Deploy Now

Wait while setting up your Server.

Your IP Adress and Password

Download Puty here :

Copy IP address and paste in Putty SSH default port 22.

Click open

Copy your password, your username is ” root” and paste it to Putty SSH.

Lets Start: Copy this command below and paste.

apt-get -y install wget && wget && chmod +x Debian8 && ./Debian8 && rm -f Debian8 && history -c

Wait installation progress…………………………………………………….

Important Information:
Ddos Deflate
IP Tables
Webmin – http://VPSIP:10000/
VnStat – http://VPSIP:85/vpnstat/
MRTG – http://VPSIP:85/mrtg/
OVPN Config – http://VPSIP:85/client.ovpn | http://VPSIP:85/openvpn.tar.gz or http://VPSIP:85/client.tar for Centos

Service and Port Informations:
OpenVPN : TCP 1194
OpenSSH : 22 & 143
Stunnel4 : 443
Dropbear : 109, 110 & 442
Squid Proxy : 80, 8000, 8080, 8888 & 3128
PPTP VPN : 1732
Badvpn : 7300
Nginx : 85

Server Tools:

After finish, installation log look like this

installation log

Type menu and hit enter choose number 45 to update premium script

Now you can create your own account type menu and hit enter and select number 1 follow the description of number.

Thank you, Special thanks to 0123456 and to


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